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Getting the best from your mobility scooter

scooter.bmpTo ensure your mobility scooter is reliable and works when you want it to, follow these best practices:

  • Arrange to have it serviced at least once a year.
  • Have it checked over before the winter or summer starts to make sure:
    • the batteries hold their charge and the charger is working correctly
    • all the tyres have good tread and correct pressures to be able to deal with wet weather conditions, leaves and grip in the snow
    • check all the lights work as they should.
  • Make sure you charge the batteries at least once a month if the scooter is not used.
  • Don’t overload your scooter – make sure you’re familiar with the manufacturers guidance on maximum capacity. If you overload your scooter, you could:
    • Damage the motor or brake unit
    • Cause a split, crack or snap the frame or chassis
    • Cause the batteries to run out quicker or trip the battery fuse causing it to cut out
    • Have an accident due to mis-control of the scooter (notably if you put shopping on the handlebars or too much in the front basket causing the steering to be inconsistent)
    • Nullify your insurance . There is a chance that if you have an accident and you have overloaded your scooter, your insurance may not pay out if you have an accident
  • There are lots of different products available to help to secure your shopping to avoid having it hang it on the handlebars, such as bags and baskets that will fit almost any model – we can help fit these for you.

Book a service or checkup for your scooter today – we’ll even collect it and return it once the service is completed.


Equipment batteries

Lucas BatteryBattery technology has changed considerably over the past few years. Hoist, powerchair and scooter batteries today, especially Gel/AGM batteries, offer far more power but delivered in the same size package and provide more consistent performance. To help extend your battery life:

  • When storing a hoist, powerchair or scooter for more than 2 weeks, charge the batteries and then disconnect them
  • Always store your batteries fully charged
  • Never run your batteries completely flat
  • Always recharge your battery after use
  • If you have to store your hoist, power chair or scooter, disconnect your batteries and make sure they are fully charged and then charged at least once a month, or weekly if possible
  • Never store a battery on a concrete floor, always stand it on wood to insulate the battery from the cold

We supply batteries and can offer battery testing servicescontact us to place an order.